C#C is an agency for integrated communication and regards itself as gateway between people, brands and urban culture.

We compliment our qualification with a wealth of experience working alongside clients to establish an authentic contact between lifestyle opionleader and companies.

High passion, exact analysis and offbeat ideas are the key to our success and distinctive perspective.

Three main core competences:

Crossmedia # Storytelling

…means the spreading of messages across different media-platforms. Each medium focuses on what it does best, thus making a valuable contribution to the whole. The aim is to
create various, communicative entry points for consumers and let them be part of the story by “collaborative authorship “.

Urban # Camouflage

Our communication isn`t loud and flashy, but sees itself as subtle guerrilla which fits into the urban habitat of dialogue groups.

Change # is # the # new # normal

Our communication adapts itself to the digital world of infinite mutability and is always new when it comes to designing powerful ideas.