VIRAL # Contacts

C#C develops with extensive experience and creative force guerrilla and viral measures for both urban (mural, stencil, flash mobs) and for the digital space (viral spots). Our strenghts lie in our awareness of contemporary culture and diversity of professional talents.

EVENT # Contacts

From exclusive store openings, about events in off-locations up to club tours we conceptualize experiences. Our knowledge of the scene allows us to interact with the target groups at eye level. Locally we control the implementation,not only to entertain but also to convey the relevant messages. Through our network of artists, designers and thought leaders we cast your brand and create unique, emotional experiences. As a result we develop real-time experiences that actively integrate the target audience.


Fast response and inherent dialogue-oriented blogs are the most important Web 2.0 tools for community-oriented communication and credible communication of messages and content. C#C develops and implements credible editorial content concepts for brands that are understood and accepted by the target audience as a medium.


C#C is organizing trend-workshops and gets brands together with tought leaders of different lifestyle areas. With our personal relationships with core creators , regular focus groups and trend-checks, we have the knowledge on new trends. For our customers we are able to develop marketing mixes that use trends successfully. From special editions to endorsements, from pop-up stores to advertorials, we are able to create brands at the spirit of time.


C#C Seedingpool is an exclusive address data-file of cooperating celebrities, VIPs and other multipliers, used sensitively to create synergistic relationships with brands and products. By personal handovers, support as well as feedback channels C#C ensures high quality in the placement of products, topics and messages.


Strategic and systematic placement of editorial recommendations of brands and products in stylish and influential media with high degree of credibility and heavy cost-effieciency. C#C combines a strong network of editors from print and digital media with extensive know-how for the development of affine topics and content of the brand and product world.


C#C has a wide pool of promoters that act as credible brand ambassadors because they are key players in their respective urban scenes. They interact with the target group and get into contact, because they understand and speak their language.


C#C is skilled in experience and expertise when it comes to audio visual media productions. We have access to a large network of film professionals and service providers. From tv- commercials, music videos, videopodcasts, video loops to virals and event documentation, we aspire to present sensitive, intelligent and sophisticated content across a range of platforms.